Journey Kidz Baptism


The Bible is pretty clear that once we’ve decisively put our faith in Jesus as our savior and we’ve turned our lives in his direction that we need to be baptized.


If your child is interested in baptism, we would love to baptize him or her and share this special decision with your family as your child goes public with their faith!


To ensure that baptism is a meaningful declaration of faith by your child, all children 5th grade and younger need to meet with a member of Journey Kidz.  This meeting will help ensure that your child is ready for baptism.


The next Baptism Weekend at The Journey is happening Nov 3rd & 4th


To sign your child up for a baptism meeting or request more information, please complete the form below. (Adults and Journey Students can sign-up for Baptism Weekend here.)

Journey Kids Baptism Form


A cool, Journey T-Shirt your child can keep on the day of his/her baptism.
Please format (000) 000-0000