Journey Kids Baptism


We are so excited that you are considering baptism for your child! Every child can have a personal relationship with Jesus, and in Journey Kids we encourage them to make a decision to follow him. Our children are encouraged to know God, love God, and live like he says. While younger children under the age of five can have a relationship with Jesus, they will not necessarily remember or understand the significance of the event, so we encourage parents to wait for baptism until their children are at least enrolled in Kindergarten.

What should you do before signing up your child?

We encourage you to think and talk through the following questions with them:

  1. As followers of Jesus, our first step of faith is to put all of our faith in Jesus. Has your child said a prayer of salvation? (This means saying a prayer to Jesus, asking him to be their best friend forever, their leader or their savior for life.)
  2. We believe saying a prayer of salvation is how Jesus saves us, not the act of being baptized. When are baptized, we are going public with our decision of faith. Choosing to be baptized is our way to share with everyone that we’ve chosen to make Jesus the Lord and leader of our life. Is being baptized your child’s decision? Have they asked to be baptized?


If you answered no to either of these questions, we advise parents to wait. Again, baptism does not save a child. Your child does that by putting their faith in Jesus. It’s completely appropriate to wait until this is your child’s decision.


If you answered yes to both of these questions, please continue to register your child below. Each child registering to be baptized must first be interviewed by a Journey Kids leader to ensure they are ready and understand what this step of faith means. During this time, we will also prepare your child for what will happen during the gathering when it’s time to be baptized.

The next Baptism Weekend at The Journey is happening November 2nd and 3rd, 2019.