YouVersion Devotional

God has breathed his life into the very words on each page of the Bible, and we will experience the truths he has for us when we devote time to reading them. Beginning May 11, we’ll be reading a YouVersion Devotional together, called STAY FIT: Strengthening Your Connection to Jesus. Together, let’s practice our slot and spot — a time and a place to spend with God in prayer and his word. You can join in on our devotional at any point!
We serve an unshakeable God, and he is good.  We are an unstoppable church, and we will remain united and point the way to Jesus.  We do this by knowing and living the truth in his word, sharing it, and living it each day!
  • At the bottom of the screen, choose “Start Plan”
  • Choose “With Friends”, and select the date
  • Invite your friends on YouVersion or text a link!