Easter Offering


Did you know there are 1.8 million people living in a 30-mile radius of our Newark location?
It’s an area we call “Journey City,” and we have a dream to reach people all across our region to help more people find Jesus and follow him fully.


Focuses of Easter Offering.
100% of everything given to our Easter Offering will go outside our walls to reach those in need.
Code Red: Mobile
Food Distribution

There is a great need for fresh, quality food in our region. Mobile food distribution efforts around Journey City would give us the ability to pick up and transport donated fresh produce, meats, dairy products, and other supplies from partner organizations when loads become available. This will also create opportunities to create additional teams of J-Teamers who will be a part of new food distribution initiatives around Journey City.


We’ll invest in developing leaders in three key ways: First, we’ll invest in leaders through Journey Leadership Institute to lead and empower in Journey City. Next, through our partnership with the ARC (Association of Related Churches), we’ll help fund the planting of churches in 300 cities we’ve identified throughout North America that lack a life-giving church. Lastly, we’ll invest in coaching roundtables for pastors that Pastor Mark coaches.

Save For
Future Expansion

We want to be ready to step through any door God might open for us to be able to help more of the 1.8 million people in Journey City find Jesus and follow him fully Whether it’s through launching locations, improving our outreach through Code Red, investing in property to continue to expand, or other similar mission-critical objectives, we want to be ready for the doors God opens next.

You can help us accelerate this vision by giving towards the Easter Offering. Simply choose your location below when you give, select “Easter Offering” as the fund, and every dollar given in the offering through April 15th will go outside our church walls. Your investment will change lives. Let’s do this…