Easter Offering



Did you know there are 1.8 million people living in a 30-mile radius of our Newark location? It’s an area we call “Journey City,” and we have a dream to reach people all across our region to help more people find Jesus and follow him fully.


Together, we will give in our Easter Offering on April 9th and 10th. 100% of everything given to our Easter Offering will go outside our walls to reach those in need. We are focusing on serving those near us who need us within Journey City, both physically and spiritually.


Everything we do matters for one reason: to see the kingdom of God advance. This happens as The Journey grows. We plan to launch a location in Middletown this fall. We already have 90% of the budget to launch and sustain that location for its first full year, and are $75,000 away from completing our goal. We have the last 10% of ground to cover to make sure all of the rental and equipment costs, marketing, and staffing to start a location and keep it strong for the first year are in hand before we press “Send” spiritually. Your giving in the Easter Offering will push us across the finish line.


We sense God nudging us to be generous toward other churches during this season – so the next $50,000 of our Easter Offering will go toward planting churches and serving pastors and leaders from other churches. We’re working with the ARC (Association of Related Churches) to plant new churches in 300 cities around North America that are under-reached. Your giving in the Easter Offering will make an eternal impact in these areas. We know that what we do here can’t stop with us.

Launch a New Location

The circle we call Journey City, where 1.8 million people live, is a calling from God upon our community of faith. The rest of our Easter Offering will be set aside to launch future locations of The Journey for thousands more people to find Jesus and follow him fully. Your giving in the Easter Offering will set the stage for us to continue to reach our region.

You can help us accelerate this vision by giving towards the Easter Offering. Simply choose your location below when you give, select “Easter Offering” as the fund, and every dollar given in the offering through April 24th will go outside our church walls. Your investment will change lives. Let’s do this…