You’ve heard it said that “church is more than a building,” and that statement couldn’t be more true. Whether Journeyers gather online or at our physical locations, our mission remains the same: to help people find Jesus and follow him fully. Because of your giving, we have been able to accomplish so much together, both in person and digitally. Here’s how your generosity is making a difference…




  • Reopened both physical locations (Newark & West Wilmington) the weekend of July 11th and 12th
  • Mobilized 558 J-Teamers to serve
  • J-Groups began meeting in person throughout the summer and 133 groups launched in the fall
  • 35% increase in those who gathered on the weekend since reopening physical locations
  • 1008 first-time faiths at Newark and West Wilmington in 2020
  • Relocated our West Wilmington location to Wilmington Christian School in the Hockessin area on October 4th

I have noticed tremendous changes in my life since coming to The Journey a year and a half ago. I gathered in Newark after quarantine and heard Pastor Mark speak during the series called “Worth It” and it brought tears to my eyes. I felt every word he spoke. I also gave for the first time and it felt so good — I wish I had started sooner. Thank you Journey family for everything you have done and continue to do for me!

– Samantha

I’ve been searching for a new church since January, with COVID-19 slowing down that search. I’m so glad I was led to The Journey!


I gathered at The Journey for the first time this summer, and I really enjoyed myself. Everyone was so kind, the worship was great, and the word was compelling. I already RSVPed for the next 3 weeks — I can’t wait to come back!

– Michael

This summer was my first time leading a J-Group and it was a great experience! For many of us, this was the first opportunity we had in months to get out of the house and interact with others face-to-face, and it was such a blessing. In just a few weeks we were able to connect or reconnect and open up about life situations. As a leader, it was cool to be able to facilitate that and be there to support my group.

– Kyle




  • $28,000 given back to the community
  • 440 unique participants and 1400+ hours served
  • Partnered with 25 community organizations to help meet needs in Journey City
  • 1,000 backpacks were filled and distributed to local schools for the start of the new school year
  • 145,000 lbs. of food distributed to families in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland
  • 7,000+ total families reached through Love Month initiatives
  • $10,000 given to Accelerate Church in Camden, NJ, to help with church planting initiative

Together, Code Red re-established in-person peer recovery meetings, contributed financially towards recovery, and created opportunities for Journeyers to participate in renovation efforts of local recovery homes.  During Love Month, Journeyers, in partnership with Firm Foundation Recovery, helped to renovate two Oxford House transitional living homes, one of which houses several single moms and their children.

When I’m able to serve others, it’s like nothing else exists but the need right before me. I forget my worries and fears and my focus turns to the need in front of me – those who are hungry, lonely, sick, imprisoned, lost. When the focus is on others, my fears give way and faith takes over. I had the privilege to serve during Love Month, and it’s done as much for me as it has for those being served. I’ve met selfless individuals who want nothing more than to share God’s love and touch the lives of others, and I’ve seen how a box of food or a warm meal can literally bring a person to tears (them and me!).






  • Your giving turns what started as someone scrolling on a feed to someone finding Jesus and following him fully: Saw 368 first-time faiths during online gatherings in 2020
  • We’re leveraging our YouTube platform to reach further into Journey City through paid digital promotions and content unique to those gathering online: Saw 14,300+ views and 450+ new subscribers on YouTube this past quarter

I have been worshipping online weekly since April. My wife and I follow Jesus but haven’t found a church home that we felt comfortable with, until now. We love the diversity of The Journey and the reality of how the message is delivered! - Ed
I have been gathering at The Journey for almost 3 years now, and I'm so thankful I can continue to gather, connect, and serve with others online! - Marcelia
Each time I listen to The Journey online the message is something I can always relate to. It also helps me to become a stronger and more positive person. My faith continues to grow! - Kim
We exist to reach the 1.8 million people within Journey City, and we’ve never had a greater opportunity to reach them than we do right now. While many of those 1.8 million people may never set foot in a church, we can bring the church to them, wherever they are. Through our digital reach, what started as scrolling can lead to finding Jesus. We’re committed to bringing the message of Jesus to people throughout Journey City – one click, one scroll, one video – at a time.


Give towards changing lives and expanding our reach, both in person and online.