Love Month

What would it look like if each of us decided to make a difference and serve those near us who need us – all throughout the month of August?


 It would look like Love Month, our annual outreach where we mobilize Journeyers to roll up their sleeves and show the love of Jesus to our community. Last year, we hosted Love Week — but what’s better than serving our region all week? Serving our region for the entire month! Check out the impact we made together last year…

Love Month is happening August 1-31, and this year, there are opportunities for over 1,250 Journeyers to serve with our community partners – from reaching out to those experiencing homelessness, to serving meals, to cleaning up local schools, and so many more.


Directions for using the app:

  • Search “The Journey”
  • Choose “Sign-Up” and create a profile
  • Search for opportunities
  • Sign up

Be sure to visit our cafe on weekends throughout the month of August to pick up your new Serve T-shirt to wear when you serve.

To avoid additional contact due to COVID-19 precautions, we ask that you pick up just one shirt per person for the month.

It doesn’t stop there… we want to hear your story! How were you impacted by Love Month? Share with us here.