“Up a Creek (Without a Paddler)” from Pastor Mark Johnston

“Up a Creek (Without a Paddler)” from Pastor Mark Johnston

Pastor Mark Johnston - September 24, 2022

Up a Creek (Without a Paddler)

From Series: "Home Improvement"

When it comes to family, we’ve all got one – and we’ve all got stories about how that family has made us who we are and who we aren’t. For some of us, our family is “normal” – two married parents, 2.5 biological kids, a house, a dog... But for most of us, “normal” isn’t our story – we’ve experienced strained relationships, divorce, distance, estrangement, or even deep dysfunction and abuse. If family is supposed to be the place where we belong, what do we do when all the brokenness seems to get in the way of that belonging? What is God’s picture for family anyway – and once we see it, how do we work toward pursuing it, in the midst of all that’s messed up around us? Join us this September for our series “Home Improvement” as we share a new (and better) picture of family – and the power we all need to belong to one.

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