The Journey is real church for real people – which means it’s for you. On any given weekend, you’ll find people young and old worshiping, learning, and laughing side by side at your local Newark church. When you walk onto our campus, you can expect smiles, high fives, and maybe even a fist bump or two — because we’re glad you’re here. After you arrive, you’ll head into our auditorium, where we’ll start the gathering with passionate worship and then an encouraging, life-giving message. Our gatherings typically last around 65 minutes. Afterwards, we encourage you to stick around and enjoy a cup of coffee and a conversation.



Whatever your background or ethnicity, The Journey is a diverse and vibrant community for you to grow spiritually with. We’ll see you this weekend.

721 East Chestnut Hill Road

Newark, DE 19713


If you’re a parent, be sure to bring your kids with you and check them into Journey Kids, our safe and secure kids environment where we help them know God, love God, and live like he says… all while having lots of fun!