Growth Track


Our Growth Track helps you discover your purpose and live the life God created for you. It’s made up of four steps designed to help you find your place, purpose, perspective, and part.

Growth Track happens the first four weeks of the month in our Theater

Saturday 6pm | Sunday Noon

Step 1.
Find Your Place

During Step 1, you’ll learn more about who we are, what we believe, and how to grow spiritually here through gathering, connecting, and serving. Step 1 happens the first Sunday of the month.

Step 2.
Find Your Purpose

Step 2 helps you find your purpose by learning about yourself and how your unique personality and gifts fit into God’s plan for your life. Step 2 happens the second Sunday of the month.

Step 3.
Find Your Perspective

We believe you were made for more, and Step 3 is all about helping you reach your potential and stepping into the life God has for you. Step 3 happens the third Sunday of the month.

Step 4.
Find Your Part

Ready to live out your purpose and make a difference? During Step 4, we’ll help you find your part on our J-Team, The Journey’s army of volunteers. Step 4 happens the fourth Sunday of the month.

Childcare is provided.