Leadership Resources

Have you attended some leadership events or team nights at the Journey and want to relisten to the teachings? Or did you miss and are sad you did? Welcome to the leadership resources page where we provide you with the leadership teachings from Pastor Mark and other leaders. Enjoy!

Team Night: February 2020 (Audio Only)

Submitting Your Life to Jesus (Mark Johnston, Lead Pastor)


Team Night: June 2019 (Audio Only)

You’re Part of the Family (Mark Johnston, Lead Pastor)


LEAD 2019 Keynote

Main Session Teaching: God Is With You (Mark Johnston, Lead Pastor)
Video available online: https://vimeo.com/336663871


LEAD 2019 Breakout Sessions (Audio Only)

Marketplace Leadership
(Mark Johnston, Lead Pastor)
Are you a business or marketplace leader? Join us as we talk about developing and expanding your influence — and how to make an eternal difference.


Identifying & Developing Other Leaders
(Abby Ecker, Next Steps Pastor)
Want to build a team of world-changing leaders? Join us as we talk through “Five Characteristics of a Leader” — what they are, how you can develop them in yourself, and how to identify them in others around you.


Leading Yourself
(Brad Dreibelbis, NextGen Pastor & Alyssa Wilkinson, J-Groups Director)
You can’t produce what you don’t possess — and developing your leadership starts by developing your relationship with God. Join us as we provide practical tips for leading yourself so you can lead others.