Shepherd To King-Day 21

Shepherd To King-Day 21

Over the past three weeks we have been diving into the life of David through this daily devotional—Shepherd to King. That title really struck me from the very beginning: Shepherd to King! What a beautiful depiction of the scope of David’s life. David trusted God. He was called from a simple life in the field to become the leader of his people, and, as we’ve seen, it was anything but a straight and easy path. He experienced times of blessing, sorrow, action and waiting. He was supported by friends and chased down by enemies. Sometimes, he got it right and, other times, he made big mistakes. 

Does that feel familiar to you?

It does to me.

I couldn’t help but relate to his story. I may not know what it feels like to have to face literal giants, but I have fought some battles. I’ve felt motivated and then been asked to wait. I’ve felt blessed and sorrowful. I’ve been supported by the best of friends, and pursued relentlessly by the enemy of our faith. And I wish I could say I have faced each one of these moments the way David faced his battles, with his eyes on God and an unwavering praise and trust in his heart, but the truth is that sometimes, I got it right… and other times, I made big mistakes. I bet you have, too.

Regardless of the times I’ve failed, or maybe because of them, David’s story inspires me. No matter who we are, God has given each of us a purpose. He has written a story for us and even though we may feel unqualified, he has already written our victory. Each one of us—me, and you too.

The way God worked through David’s life shows us that we don’t need to be afraid of the mountain or the valleys when we are walking with him. David’s life foreshadows the promise of Jesus, our Comforter and Savior, who gives us strength and has the power to redeem us, even from our darkest moments. And it’s through that promise that we can enter into a true and lasting relationship with our Heavenly Father. 

The pursuit of that relationship starts here, with the habit you’ve been engaging in the past twenty-one days: your slot and spot, which is that time and place each day that you spend alone with God. I encourage you, don’t stop now. It is during these times that God will work in your heart to give you the faith and trust of David. Make a commitment to continue into day twenty-two and beyond. In fact, when you are done reading this devotional today, I challenge you to go to YouVersion and find another devotional to begin tomorrow. Even better, invite a friend to read it with you. 

Also, take a few moments to write down your biggest takeaways from the past three weeks. How has David’s life inspired you in your relationship with God? What next steps do you feel God calling you to take? 

Maybe he is calling you to invest in friendships, like David and Jonathan, by joining a J-Group. Our fall semester is about to begin, so it is the perfect time to get connected. 

Or, maybe he is asking you to start using your gifts to serve those around you. Make a plan to attend Plugged In this weekend.

God may be calling you to take action in your own life and begin seeking help and healing from some of the sins or struggles you have felt trapped in. If that is you, we want you to know that we care about you. We have teams ready to come alongside you in prayer, or to pastor you through difficult times. Fill out one of these forms today to receive support. We also suggest many trusted providers for counseling to assist you on your journey to wellness: 

Whatever your next step is, decide right now that you will pursue it with joy in your heart and trust in God’s provision. He has already equipped you with everything you need. 


Thank you for the example you have given me, through the life of David, of what it looks like to live with you first and foremost in my heart. Please fill my heart with trust in you alone and the courage to continue walking, without fear or hesitation, in the direction I hear you calling me. When I remember all you did so that I can know your love, I am filled with more gratitude than I can express. God, I love you. In your precious name, I pray. Amen.

Kimberly Leigh/ J-Groups Assistant Director

Kim is a graduate of the JLI Evening Program and is so blessed to get to lead at The Journey on the J-Groups team. She is passionate about helping others to get connected in relationships and in their faith. She knows the life-giving power in the friendships that can be found in J-Groups, and she would love nothing more than for each of you to find that for yourselves this fall J-Group semester. She attends The Journey with her wonderfully supportive husband and two amazing kids, who she thanks God for every day.

  • Jessica Ruggieri
    Posted at 07:16h, 18 September Reply


  • Court Neil
    Posted at 07:19h, 18 September Reply

    Thanks so much for a great devotional!!

  • Karen Williams
    Posted at 08:31h, 18 September Reply

    Thank you all for taking the time to serve others with your daily devotional.! I’ve totally enjoyed these words of encouragement and prayer these last 3 weeks.

  • Stacey Winns
    Posted at 08:42h, 18 September Reply

    Awesome! I enjoyed every bit of these devotionals! I love my church! Thank You!

  • Kim Lindell
    Posted at 09:58h, 18 September Reply

    Thank Kim L 😉 for such an encouraging devotional! ❤️

  • Alfred R Ceaser
    Posted at 10:28h, 18 September Reply

    Kim, great posting. Staring my faith to do better.

  • Tres Ostien
    Posted at 11:55h, 18 September Reply

    Did my “slot & spot” for 21 days in a row….. Definitely will keep it going. Have been reading the Book of Job, which I am 2/3 of the way through as of today.

    I’d like to thank all at The Journey who made this 21-day devotional possible. Thank you.

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