Journey Kids exists to create fun environments and experiences where kids come to know God, love God, and live like he says — online and in person.





Each weekend, your kids enter a safe, hands-on world filled with energy, laughter, and spiritual growth – while you can experience God in our gatherings. 

Newark: Saturday at 5pm & Sunday at 10:30am
Hockessin: Sunday at 10am





You can engage with your child by watching worship and the message at a time that is convenient for you both!
Posted each Saturday at 5PM 





  • BEFORE YOU ARRIVE: To ensure safety, please RSVP your child for the gathering they are attending at Newark or Hockessin.
  • WHEN TO ARRIVE: Journey Kids opens 15 minutes before the start of each gathering.
  • WHERE TO GO: When you arrive, head to Journey Kids Check In.
  • UPON YOUR ARRIVAL: All children Preschool age and older are required to wear a mask. All family members dropping off or picking up are required to wear a mask Kindergarten age and older. Temperature checks will also be administered upon arrival. We will ask you to check in your child using our electronic system. You will receive a guardian tag with a code. If we need to contact you at anytime during a gathering, we will reach out to you via text message. To maintain a secure environment, you must bring your guardian tag back to Journey Kids to pick up your child at the conclusion of the gathering.
  • SAFETY & SECURITY: All of our Journey Kids J-Teamers go through an application and interview process, as well as a background check. To enter Journey Kids, you must have undergone a background check or have a guardian tag.



Our Infants J-Teamers care for, pray over, and nurture your child while you enjoy our gathering. Your child will enjoy age appropriate toys and music and interaction with children their own age.



Infants (0-24 months)

While your child is learning to explore the world around them, Journey Kids will help them take their first few steps of faith. Your child will play, build relationships, and learn about how much God loves them through age-appropriate activities like stories, crafts, and songs.

Juniors (2-5 years)


Every week, your child will form friendships, grow closer to God, and learn to serve others in Journey Kids. The experiences are visually engaging, creative, and interactive. It will be the best hour of your child’s week!



Elementary (1st-5th Grade)

Our Special Needs ministry exists at Newark at 10:30 to help kids who need accommodations learn how much God loves them in an environment designed for them. During check-in, fill out an information form about your child so we can provide the best assistance.

Special Needs (up to 18 years)