“Traffic Circles” from Pastor Mark Johnston

“Traffic Circles” from Pastor Mark Johnston

Pastor Mark Johnston - December 10, 2022

Traffic Circles

From Series: "Illuminate"

Sometimes, our lives can seem a little dark, even at a time like Christmas when we’re supposed to be filled with joy. The holiday season doesn’t change the uncertainty in our jobs, the frustration towards our families, the unresolved pain in our relationships, the commitments and traditions we feel pressured to keep – sometimes, this season only amplifies it. We’re busy, we’re stressed, we’re financially strapped… but what if there’s another way? What if you could see things in a different light this Christmas? What if you do some of the same things you always do… but do them with a different perspective and spirit this year? Join us for “Illuminate” as we learn what it really means to step out in faith and live everyday illuminated by the light of Jesus.

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