Prayer Request

We’d love to pray over your request. Each request has the focus of our Prayer Team and is prayed for multiple times. When you mark your request “Confidential,” only leaders of our Prayer Team see those requests.


When you pray for one of the requests, be sure to click on the “Pray” button. 

  • Please pray for my struggle with sexual immorality, pornography, lust. I pray to be pure and be free from the lustful, negative thoughts that I may be the man God called me to be
  • Please pray for my friend, Nikki. She has just gotten out of the hospital from covid complications. She is now on oxygen and needs prayers for her lungs and body to heal.
  • Pray for my friend Danny going through cancer treatment and to be free from side effects of medications. My dissertation to be approved and passed tho semester. My son to have a successful semester in middle school. Clarity & direction for my work/career
  • I want to retire but am filled with fear and worry. Grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the Courage to change the things I can and the Wisdom to know the difference. I pray to know Your purpose and will for us going forward. Thy Will be done.
  • Please help me pray that our Jireh will give me favor and support (mortally, spiritually, physically) in caring for my son as he transitions from a nursing home to home, where he can be better taken care of.
  • Please pray for my friend Alex who is currently navigating through a separation and divorce from a very toxic marriage. Pray that the Lord gives her wisdom and direction and heals her heart throughout this process.
  • Prayers to open the hearts and minds of my family and friends to the word and will of God. To have them stop relying on their own thoughts and experiences to solve and understand the world and to give God the glory for all good things and to stop blaming Him for all the evil in this world!
  • Feeling depleted even though I stay in faith feel unloved , with those around me it’s hard to see Jesus love for me when life is sooo unfair. Strength and wisdom to keep going. Everyday I ask the holy spirt to fill me and give me what I need to continue serving him.
  • Prayers for a co-worker who is a strong woman of God going through a challenging season working through health issues and dealing with grief of much loss because of the pandemic. May her strength be restored and she find peace and healing; hope her obstacles turn into opportunities for His purpose and glory. May the army’s of angels gather around for protection and help her to unwrap the gifts as Pastor Mark mentioned in his prayers. Amen.
  • Prayers for continued redemption and healing in the Babbie/Limberger families Gods grace is hard at work. Pray for continued grace and knowledge. Prayers that Gods glory will shine through and defeat the disfunction and evil from addiction. Prayers for unity and alignment for His glory.