“You Matter” from Pastor Mark Johnston

“You Matter” from Pastor Mark Johnston

Pastor Mark Johnston - October 2, 2022

You Matter

From Series: "You Matter"

If there is anything we can all agree on, it’s that our world would benefit from a little more compassion. We’ve all witnessed divisiveness and disunity, from social media shaming to inconsiderate words uttered to a stranger on the street. Some of us remain hopeful that our world can get better, spreading messages like “kindness is contagious.” Some of us are cynical, and have given up hope altogether that we’ll ever see a more inspiring side to humanity. What if it’s true that our world needs more compassion, but that it will never get developed in the ways we assume it will? What if what the world needs requires a new perspective and commitment to purpose… from us? Jesus had some things to say about compassion; and more than that, some things to do. Join us for “You Matter.” as we talk about how we can see change in our world, one act of compassion at a time.

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