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We do require all new J-Group leaders to have been a participating member of a J-Group for at least one semester, in order to lead alone. If you have not been in a J-Group before please indicate on the next question that you wish to Co-Lead and we'll pair you with another leader to help you along the way.

When we are led by the Holy Spirit, we joyfully pursue God’s best in every area of our lives. Leaders are responsible to lead themselves first. That means paying attention to and improving ourselves with God’s help, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. We can’t produce in others what we don’t possess in ourselves. When we are healthy we can bring our best selves to every other relationship, including those with people we serve.

Please give a short answer to the following questions about some of your spiritual habits. You will be able to speak more in depth about them during your New Leader interview.

Connecting with others: Having relationships with others going the same direction we are spiritually helps us to grow in our faith and stay accountable as leaders.
Invest and invite: God calls us to spread the News of Jesus to everyone we know, and sometimes the best way to do that is a simple invitation to a weekend gathering.
Slot and Spot: There is an amazing cumulative power in devoting a time and place to draw closer to God every day.
Giving your first: Growing in generosity is part of growing spiritually. Giving to the local Church is something that God calls believers to take part in.
One of our core values is submission to the Lord Jesus Christ; we know that we aren't perfect but we're always making progress towards becoming more like him. As a leader, we believe that this responsibility is even greater, as we're showing others what a life submitted to Jesus and guided by the Holy Spirit looks like.
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